Air Freight Forwarding

ANA Courier Express leverages the ANA Group's network and airlines to provide safe, accurate, and fast shipping services.
ANA Courier Express can offer various shipping options and provide a solution that meets your needs.

Service options


We offer high quality international air express services, taking full advantage of ANA's ever-growing global air transportation network.
Whether it is oversized cargo that requires palletization or special cargo, ANA Courier Express has the right solution for you. Shipments are delivered quickly to destinations in Asia, etc., via freighter aircraft. We will also offer Incoterms-compliant modes of transport (pick-up to destination airport, etc.) in accordance with your requests.

Please contact us in advance to check if this service is available for your area.

Forwarding Process


IEX CUSTOMIZE not only offers door-to-door delivery, it also allows you to arrange various Incoterms-compliant modes of transport via a simple quotation.

This service is perfect for...
  • Customers who want to send cargo for airport pick-up
  • Customers who need to sort billing according to Incoterms
Example of a Cargo Shipment from Pick-up to Destination Airport

Example of a Cargo Shipment from Origin Airport to Delivery

EX CUSTOMIZE is a service that offers the most optimal mode of transport plan for your needs. Please feel free to contact ANA Courier Express to inquire about the service.

Before You Ship

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In accordance with the Conditions of Carriage, ANA Courier Express is liable for damaged shipments for up to SDR 19 or USD 100, whichever is higher, per kilogram.

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges are based on those which are designated by the relevant airline and are billed separately.

Security Surcharges

Security surcharges are based on amounts which are designated by the relevant airline and are billed separately.